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Extracts from exhibition catalogue Shades Down in Tokyo Town

Designed by Serge Martynov.

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In keeping with the ethos of artist Karolina Kling’s working process, HEDMANKLING has commissioned the artists to create an imaginary character and base their sunglasses design on that fantastical persona. What results is an incredible cluster of hypothetical characters, which envelopes the spectator and can be constructed as a direct reflection of today’s avant-garde mind. The result is an absolute outburst of authenticity and integrity.

Co-edited by fashion curator Gemma A. Williams, the exhibition catalogue presents an exploration of this provocative subject via essays, conversations and reflections from leading theorists, artists, researchers and curators. Hoping to define the essence of this unusual accessory it includes submissions from Gus Wylie, Beatrice Behlen, Claire Goldsmith, Dr. Will Brooker, Ian Nader, Caroline Cox, Sonnet Stanfill, Neil Handley, Robert Rubbish, Marco Pecorari, Patricia Frost, Mary Carton, Diane Pernet and Amy de la Haye. Commissioned photos by Gavin Fernandes.